We’re thrilled to be an official sponsor of Teen Read Week 2009. In honor of that, we’re giving away 10 sets of 5 “Beyond Reality” reads to round out your stacks.

Enter to win a set of  five “Beyond Reality” reads!

Download Shelf Help for fantastic Teen Read Week selections!  Shelf Help is our latest effort to give you the tools you need  to create a thorough collection for your patrons.  Each month we will be featuring a new category.  Feel free to request a theme! We’re YOUR resource!









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Celebrate Teen Read Week & Read Beyond Reality

Category: Staff Picks


  • I’m very surprised (and somewhat heartened) by what is considered ‘teen’ or ‘young adult’ books these days. Having said that, I’, also finding that some of the best writing out there is being done in this age group. I’m am excited to see what else there is.

  • How fun. I just entered into the giveaway after viewing an ad for it on the unshelved website. I do like the list you put together, I can honestly say I have only heard of one of those books on the list. That Andrew Peterson book sounds interesting, I may read the first book in that series myself.

  • We would love to have more books for our teens to keep them reading

  • Thank you for such a great selection of books for the young adult/teen giveaway. I also agree with Amy’s response that the books coming out for teens/young adults now are a lot more ‘sophisticated’ (if that’s the term) than they used to be and most are very good. I’ve read several lately and have been impressed.

    Please enter me in your contest and thank you again!

  • These look great. What fun. Does it count to enter for a classroom library?

  • I was looking forward to entering this contest, but found out it was only for library employees! Why is this so?

  • […] a book giveaway hidden in our top banner ad this week; if you click on it, you can enter to win five titles that fit in to YALSA Teen Read Week’s “Beyond Reality” theme. […]

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