Times are tough for us all, libraries included.  And when the going gets tough, we depend on our friends.  You may know that Paula Poundstone is now a spokesperson for Friends of Libraries USA (FOLUSA) but did you know this?  She has done a couple of Public Service Announcements that are readily available for you to use to promote your library’s friends group as well as your library.  For more information from FOLUSA, click here.

Paula Poundstone is the author of  There’s Nothing in this Book That I Meant to Say, so we’ve had the pleasure of attending several of FOLUSA’s The Laugh’s on Us programs at ALA, featuring the hysterical stand-up comedienne.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely because we somehow managed to stay under the radar and escaped becoming the focus of one of Ms. Poundstone’s routines. (We have friends that weren’t so lucky–Virginia Stanley of HarperCollins, for one!  But she was a good sport about it.)

Paula’s short youtube message is sweet and amusing.  Please use it to help spread the word about your library.  After all, we can never have too many friends!

[youtube MYYrFSpbBbA]

Do you need more FRIENDS?

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