Would I rather be Jessica or Elizabeth?  Truly, this is a question I remember asking myself.  Repeatedly.  Jessica was totally popular and utterly confident, but a little mean.  Elizabeth was the quintessential nice girl–smart, pretty, steady boyfriend–but let’s face it, a little boring.  Depending on which volume I was reading, my answer changed.  Regardless, Sweet Valley High was a beloved part of my pre-teen years and Jessica and Liz offered wonderful escapism. (Remember when Todd got his Motorcycle in Dangerous Love??  Or when Jessica stays out All Night Long and Liz has to pretend to be her twin??)

Now I hear that Diablo Cody (of Juno Fame) is set to adapt and produce Sweet Valley High for the big screen.  Be still my heart.  Not since I got the news about the new 90210 have I been this excited. 

OK, so maybe I’m well past my pre-teen years, but I still can’t decide if I’d rather be Jessica or Liz.  Maybe the movie will help me decide for good.  And it should help bring Sweet Valley High to the attention of a whole new generation of readers, so be sure to stock up.  Double Love, Secrets, Playing With Fire (one of my personal favorites)–they are all available in cheerily re-packaged mass markets. 


Sweet News!

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