Yesterday I had a thrill. DAVID ALLEN SIBLEY was in to sign!! Authors come in often, but rarely is there a line–yesterday there was. I shouldn’t have been surprised because I used my two minutes to remind him of the rock-star signing he did for us in San Francisco during ALA when his SIBLEY GUIDE TO BIRDS came out. It was a riot, literally. We totally lost control of the line and he was blinded by the flash bulbs!

His SIBLEY GUIDE TO TREES is just magnificent! I come from a family of tree-lovers. My Dad had a small nursery at one point and a low point of my childhood was when I didn’t speak to my family for two weeks when I was about 12, because they had to cut down the giant oak at the end of my grandmother’s walk that had been killed by mistletoe. I surprise myself all these years later by how many trees I can identify.

Sibley’s talents are amazing! Every tree, every leaf, every seed pod, what the bark looks like, where they grow…more than 4,100 illustrations! This is for EVERY library collection, both reference and circulating. For anyone considering landscaping their yard. For anyone taking a trip to a National Park. For anyone taking a walk down their street. For all tree lovers. OK, enough already.

Just to end, in addition to getting a personally signed copy–I have one precious signed copy to give away. Write in with a comment and I’ll pick someone to get this classic.

And now I have to go and water my 6 ft. tall corn plant (the closest thing to a tree in our office).


One signed copy of The Sibley Guide to Trees!

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  • I would love this book! We are huge nature lovers around here and my kids would be so excited!

  • I love the Sibley guides! I wish that they would have been around when I was earning my B.S. in natural resources, because class would have been much easier with his beautiful illustrations instead of the ancient black and white photos that we had to use. I bought the Hawks in Flight that he illustrated for my kids to use when we moved to the country, and would love to have this book as well. Thanks!

  • This sounds great! I have a small child and I am working really hard to give him an appreciation for the outdoors. We work in the garden together and go on hikes. This would be a great book to take along on our outdoor adventures!!!

  • I would love this book! Sibley’s a giant 🙂
    Katie M.

  • Congratulations to our winner, Chris Mills! Thanks everyone for commenting. We of course wanted everyone to win, but alas, only one signed copy.

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