So the long awaited day has come and gone and the race has begun.

I’m am talking about The Lost Symbol race of course. I approached the starting line last night as the wash cycle switched to rinse at my neighborhood laundromat. As I settled into the plastic chair and cracked the spine a woman commented, “That’s the new one, isn’t it?” Seemed to me she’ll be joining the race soon as well.

In the course of my brief (so far) career in publishing this is the first “big” book I’ve been around for — and with a massive print run it is the company’s biggest. This morning Jen, Erica, Dave and I compared page numbers. It seems I am winning so far (page 89 – waiting on laundry will do that to a girl) but Dave is swiftly gaining on me (page 86) with Jen at an impressive 62 and Erica, clearly with better things to do, has made a good start at 24. The contenders, ever eager about their performance, had this to say:

While I want to win The Lost Symbol race, I’m having so much fun reading the book, I don’t want it to end! (Jen)

I had just finished Cleopatra’s Daughter by Michelle Moran yesterday morning and so was perfectly timed to open my crisp  new copy of The Lost Symbol on my commute home last night. I already can’t put it down! And that’s a good thing since I have to immediately passit along to my mother when I’m finished. I’m trying to get it to her before her reserve copy at the library is available! (Erica) 

Insomnia inciting. (Dave)

(For the record Dave also has better things to do than respond to my repeated harassment for a quote. Journalism is rough, folks.)

But there you have it. The race is well under way and the competitors seem to be enjoying themselves so far. While I am personally impressed by all of my 89 pages I’m sure there is someone out there, some die-hard Robert Langdon fan, who has me beat. Anyone?

Maybe we can get Dan Brown to preside over the medal ceremony.


The Amazing Lost Symbol Race!

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