I just watched a new teaser trailer this morning for a movie I’d been completely unaware of called “Up in the Air,” based on a book of the same name by Walter Kirn.

[youtube yzCJKKSJQAQ] 

It’s not easy to tell exactly what the movie’s about, but it’s entirely Clooney-narrated, and therefore automatically cool. The movie debuted at Telluride last Saturday and has been raking in some great reviews. Like this one:

“Let’s make it clear right now: Oscar nominations are likely assured for best picture, director, screenplay, actor for Clooney and supporting actress for either Anna Kendrick as the young know-it-all who threatens Clooney’s job security or Vera Farmiga as a one-night stand who keeps on giving. Perhaps both will get nods. This is one of the smartest adult comedies in some time.”
-The Los Angeles Times

If you find yourself curious about other movies coming out that are based on books, you can always visit our Movie Tie-Ins page, which has recently been updated.

Clooney-narrated preview for "Up in the Air"

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