Soon, some of you will be receiving your shipments of our biggest book of the year, Dan Brown’s THE LOST SYMBOL. And we know you’ll probably have a few crazies hovering around the desk a couple days early, inquiring about copies, then inquiring again, then trying to peek around the desk, etc. But please, please don’t lend them out early.    

Even if our affadvits seem a little overblown, we’re strongly urging libraries to hold on to the books until the 15th, even though you’re not selling them.

Putting Harry Potter out early caused some major headaches for those who’ve done it, not to mention the chaos it causes above and below me here in New York. So if you have to keep the lurkers occupied, you can always give them a puzzle or two. God knows that’s what they want in the end.


Keep it under lock & key!

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