While surfing the web the other night I came across this article and video.


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Beth Hollis is a librarian for the Akron-Summit County Public Library in Akron, Ohio. By day anyway… By night she is MegaBeth of the Rubber City Roller Girls. At 53 years young she is the eldest member on the team but she is no slouch. She even broke a teammate’s nose during practice. Wow! Ms. Hollis, if you are reading, you rock! I recently signed up for a very social sports league. While I’m nervous I’ll embarass myself, these bruised and brave women make my endeavors look like playground fun. A librarian. Huh. Who’da thunk it, right? I’m sure that’s what all MegaBeth’s opponents think when she skates their way.

It all begs the question… Anyone out there wrestle, skydive, or swim with sharks? What are you hiding behind the circulation desk?


a powerhouse at the reference desk

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  • I think Drew Barrymore’s new movie is about roller girls. It looks kicka#%.

  • There are actually a TON of librarians that play derby – I’m one of two in my league alone! The old stereotypes that make is seem so ‘shocking’ are sad. Is it really that crazy sounding that librarians do interesting active things???

  • Yes, we agree! Down with the stereotypes.

  • Down with the stereotypes is right. And the book on which “Whip It” is based (Derby Girl, by Shauna Cross) is loaded with ageist stereotypes. The old people in the book are portrayed as “adorable” and complete with granny panties, underarm “batwings” and walkers. Perhaps the author has never heard of the legendary Ann Calvello who skated Derby six decades. I myself at 75 get in two hours a day on my inlines, when I can get time from my 7-day a week business. No granny panties on this snazzy little Medicare package, Shauna Baby! Smarten up chick. Make your next book about an old rollerbabe. We’re out there.

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