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We all do it. We might be quiet about it. We may slip another jacket around the binding in the subway, but we do it. My favorite book of all time (Infinite Jest) is published by Hachette. The one I’ve been reading most recently (Ernest Hemingway, The First Forty-Nine Stories) is from Simon and Schuster. And one of the best books I read last year was from Penguin (Drown, Junot Diaz).

Well, what do you think goes on at all these library conferences? Bartering. Hoarding. Hiding. That’s what. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t take the time to get to know each other, because God knows their employees are just insufferably gruff. Draconian, even. I mean look at them.* And we’re very mean as well.

That said, they still put out some good stuff. Here are some recommendations from a few of us, of a few of them:

David: Then We Came to the End (Back Bay Books)
Marie: Anne Frank: The Book, the Life, the Afterlife (HarperCollins)
Marci: Stitches: A Memoir (W.W. Norton)
Erica: What Happens in London (HarperCollins)

*Just kidding: We love you.


Cheating on Random House

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