Random House is running a fun contest that is centered around E.L. Doctorow’s new novel, Homer & Langley.  The book is based on the story of New York’s fabled Collyer brothers, two recluses who hoarded items in their mansion and attempted to shut out modern civilization.

They thought it would be fun to have readers show off their literary clutter, so they created a group on Facebook group called “I have more books than Facebook friends” and we are inviting readers to join and post pics of their bulging bookshelves for the chance to win a first edition signed copy of Homer & Langley and copies of Doctorow’s previous books.

You are librarians, so it’s likely that your books are plentiful. However, they’re probably ridiculously organized. So you might have to invite a sugar-high nephew over to throw your books around a bit before you take the picture. As long as he throws them gently.


Celebrating literary clutter!

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