After his little post-DaVinci-Code vacation, Dan Brown is back in full force.  You’d have to live under a rock to not know about the impending publication of Brown’s next blockbuster, THE LOST SYMBOL.  Libraries across the country are already racking up holds on this book more than a month before it is available.  I just checked my local library in Greenwich, CT and there are already 73 people on the holds list for the book!  Good thing I can probably get my hands on a copy. 

To keep fans busy while they are waiting for their turn to read the new book, Doubleday is pleased to launch Dan Brown’s new website danbrown.com. The website includes information about all of Dan Brown’s books, bizarre facts, secrets and games. If you look closely enough you will find an Easter egg tipping to information about Dan Brown’s upcoming book THE LOST SYMBOL to be published by Doubleday on September 15th. Let the hunt begin.

And, as I said, Dan Brown is everywhere.  If the Official Dan Brown Site is not enough for you, find him just about anywhere in cyberspace.

The Offical Dan Brown Website

The Lost Symbol Website

The Official Dan Brown Facebook Page

And, of course, Twitter!


Dan Brown is everywhere…

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