Here's lookin at you, Starfish

Sealife. Fleur de lis. Celestial bodies. Abstracts beyond comprehension: Every librarian has a secret. Some of them are kept in the dark corners of their brains, and some, it turns out, are kept under cloth. The time has come, now, for Texas librarians to reveal their true selves (or at least their tattoos).

As a fundraising activity for the TLA Library Disaster Relief Fund, TLA has put together an 18-month calendar of female TLA members from all over the state showing off their ink. Freedom of expression at its finest is what this is. Sure, the kittens and the penguin babies and the Jonas Brothers are fine to look at every month, but nothing beats a supine, tatted-up information expert.

So check out their website here and get yourself something worthwhile to look at every month. (Oh yeah, it’s for a good cause too.)

Calendar of tattooed librarian babes, anyone?

Category: Musings

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