In an attempt to give you all a bit of “candy” for your Monday, allow me to share my latest “library related” discovery with you:

Last Friday I made it home just in time to come across this show as I sat on the couch channel surfing and wondering how to spend my night.

I came across Silent Library. What? Library in the title of an MTV show? I had to see what was going on.

According to MTV’s “About the Show” page:

The word library usually conjures up late night memories of cramming for an exam or putting the finishing touches on a lengthy paper. For some, it might even drum up the high school pranks that, much to their parent’s dismay, landed them in detention with their friends… yet again.

Rarely however does the word library become part of the title of a new MTV show that has been described as “Jackass… set in an enclosed environment.” Modeled after a Japanese game show, Silent Library will represent a new breed of competition format that will feature six friends, all vying for a cash prize, forced to impose unimaginable, beyond hysterical stunts on one another. With stunts ranging from brushing one’s teeth with wasabi to having your face held in the path of “the slapper” (a gloved hand that rotates on an automated machine) it will be obvious to viewers that remaining silent is much easier said than done.

With only one guiding rule — to remain SILENT, MTV will show viewers that just because you aren’t heading into the Gauntlet or facing off in a Duel doesn’t mean that the stakes aren’t high, that the stunts aren’t real and that the competition isn’t fierce. Never has the MTV audience sat through a study hall, Saturday detention or cram session in a library quite like this…

In the episode I caught, one young man endured the mother of all atomic wedgies as a crane like contraption afixed to the ceiling hoisted up his underpants and his teammates tried to keep their laughter as quiet as possible. I must admit, my roommate and I found this a little amusing. Needless to say he probably spent his share of the winnings on new undies.
MTV is right, I never thought I’d see one of their shows take place in a library. What about you? Thoughts? Click here to go to the show’s webpage and view the outrageous antics yourself.

Silent Library. Can you handle it?

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