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Two librarians from my home state of Michigan (after some Googling, the Salem-South Lyon Public Library?) have started an amusing blog called AWFUL LIBRARY BOOKS. If you think there’s no such thing, well, take a look. And anyway the authors do explain themselves…

So in answer to some questions:  No, the books on this blog are not necessarily “awful”, its just that “books-that-should- be- reconsidered- under-interpretation-of-current-collection developement-policies-and-retired”  is not  a fun name for a blog that is just trying to instigate a discussion on quality library collections! 

I think I remember having seen some pretty ridiculous titles in my local libraries. Add it to your RSS feeds, and feel free to submit covers if you have some “questionable” books in your library.


One of our goals is to never end up on this blog.

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