Attention all Sophie Kinsella fans!

Random House Library has procured some galley copies of her newest novel, Twenties Girl, and they are up for grabs.

Though it is sans Becky Bloomwood (of the Shopaholic series) this stand-alone still has all the Sophie Kinsella charm and is the perfect fun read to accompany a little summer R&R.

Please email with your full mailing address and the subject “Twenties Girl” for your chance to win a copy.


Embrace your inner flapper with a FREE Sophie Kinsella galley!

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  • Sophie Kinsella really is a great summer read! Light and airy, perfect for the beach.

  • So appreciative that you offer these galleys so that we can be booktalking brand new stuff to our library patrons!

  • This is so great of you, a summer read to recommend to my book group. Thank you!

  • This is on the wish list of a LOT of people in my library! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Thanks for the great summer read! I will definitely recommend it to my students this fall!

  • Sophie Kinsella is a fine, fun writer. Several of her books are on my Wish List.

    Great site you have here.

    Betty Dravis

  • I’m really looking forward to reading this one! The hold list is already long at my library.

  • I weeded out some old authors that didn’t circ anymore in our library… sooo made new additions and Sophie’s collection is one of them. Nice, light great reads. Patrons can’t wait for the next book to come out!

  • Sophie Kinsella has such a refreshing writing style! I’m excited to read her latest work!

  • I loved “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and am so looking forward to “Twenties Girl.” Sophie made Becky Bloomwood so much fun to read about, that I just can’t wait to read her take on the Roaring 20’s. Thank you for making this possible.

    A Rabid Librarian…
    Andrea A.

  • I have loved Sophie Kinsella’s books. My ride to work is about one hour and I use that time back and forth to listen to audio books. Sophie’s books have kept me entertained so much so that people passing me are wondering what I am listening to on the radio. If only they could hear her stories, they would be lined up for her next book. Thank you for keeping my rides lively and entertaining.

  • Kinsella is one of my all time favorites, always on the hold shelf at our little library!

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