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It seems I can’t get on the subway these days without spying the cover of Eat, Pray, Love. You know the book I’m talking about… a woman travels to three countries to feed three parts of her soul in order to free herself from a deep depression. No doubt you haven’t been able to keep this one on your shelves. Seems people like reading about how others find peace, love, and happiness. For your patrons, and even maybe for you!, here are some readalikes for this popular title:

The Wishing Year by Noelle Oxenhandler: One woman. One year. Three wishes: a house, a man, my soul.

Frances Mayes: If you haven’t seen the movie, it all starts with Under the Tuscan Sun in which Frances Mayes details the new life she found after a heartbreaking divorce led her to purchase and renovate a Tuscan villa. Her story continues with Bella Tuscany and Everyday in Tuscany – forthcoming next Spring.

A Year by the Sea by Joan Anderson: When her husband relocated for a new job, Joan Anderson chose not to go along, instead opting to spend a year alone at their Cape Cod house. In this book she shares her insights on that experience and its theme of self-discovery.

See You in A Hundred Years by Logan Ward: One very plugged in and 21st century New York family attempts to shirk it all and get “back to their roots” on a Virginian farm for one year. This is the story of their life in the South, circa 1900.

Read-alikes for Eat, Pray, Love

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