These days I’ve been reading a new Vintage Original paperback, out in August, Undiscovered Gyrl. Written in blog format by a 17-yr-old named Katie Kampenfelt*, this book details all the ramblings, romances, and overtly raunchy goings-on of teenage life — and this “gyrl” is popular, she responds to her readers’ comments in her blog entries. “Katie” makes me feel slightly old and very angelic. My teenage years certainly weren’t quite as exciting. But what is interesting about this novel is the format, of course. I’m reading it on my e-reader and that fact coupled with the idea that it is “a blog” makes it feel like I’m not reading a novel at all. Still she’s sucked me in to her world. The former English major in me is fascinated by the idea of new, 21st century (sort-of) metafiction that exists in this novel. I keep waiting for a revealing post telling me it is all a lie… I suppose I’ll have to keep reading.

*Katie Kampenfelt is not her real name. Many other details have been changed as well.


Undiscovered gyrl can blog with the best of 'em

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  • Marie, I finished this already and really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to see what you think about the ending! It has already sparked much discussion-and disagreement–among those in-house that have read it!

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