Here is a wonderful contest for you and your patrons to participate in…get the word out to your library-goers and ask them to submit in your library’s name.  The more submissions your library gets, the better your chances of winning! 


Donita K. Paul and WaterBrook Press are on a Mission…

Finances are tight for many people these days and not everyone can afford to buy their favorite books. As an avid proponent of the public library system, Mrs. Paul is asking all her readers to embark on a very special mission with her. What is this mission, you ask?

To get the DragonKeeper Chronicles and The Vanishing Sculptor into every library in your town so that everyone will have an opportunity to read the tales and glean Truth.

Interested in participating? Here’s how!

Send one or more “proofs” that link your local library and Mrs. Paul’s DragonKeeper books.
A link is either that your library HAS the books OR that you are making a REQUEST for the books to come to your library. Read on for details…

Proof that your library HAS the DragonKeeper books:
1. A picture of you inside your library with the DragonKeeper books. Be creative!
• Pose by the books on the bookshelf
• Sit in a library reading chair, reading a library copy of the book
• Extra points if you have a librarian in the picture with you!
2. A screenshot of your library’s online catalog, showing the DragonKeeper books.

Proof that you are REQUESTING the DragonKeeper books:
Libraries have Book Request forms that you can use if you want your library to order a certain book that it doesn’t have. You can get a request form from the librarian or sometimes online at your library’s website.

All you have to do is request the books–if the library can’t afford to get them, at least you tried–and send us proof that you did by emailing:

1. A scanned copy of your library’s Book Request Form form, filled out with information about the DragonKeeper books. (Remember to mail it to your library or turn it in at the circulation desk!)

2. A screenshot of an online Book Request form from your library with the DragonKeeper books on it.

Submit the “proof” via email to–please include your name, library name, and state. We will put any pictures of books into a special gallery and list all the libraries that have been submitted. (NOTE: Names and libraries will NOT be connected online for safety reasons.)

When the contest is over, Mrs. Paul will draw a name randomly from those who submitted proofs, and that person will win a prize package of books from Waterbrook Press!

If we get over 500 entries, another name will be drawn and this grand prize will be a visit from Mrs. Paul to YOUR library! (Continental US only)

Sound like fun? Visit your local libraries today and get your proofs sent to us! The more proofs you send, the more your name will be entered into the contest. Get going!

Win Books from WaterBrook Press for Your Library!

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