As the “Graphic Novel Guy” around here, I tend to get excited about new stuff from DC Comics. As some of you may already know, DC has a web component of free comics called Zuda, and “Bayou” has been one of the most popular comics they offer. Popular enough, it seems, to be made into a book!

Ain’t It Cool News, the well established, slightly geeky online news & reviews spot, gave it a glowing review recently:

This collection of the popular DC Zuda webcomic is one of the best comics I’ve read in a long time. Volume one introduces us to an all too real and ugly world of 1933 Mississippi and all the hardships you could imagine for our star, a young African American girl, Lee, who through a series of unfortunate events leaps through the swamp-like version of the Looking Glass into a world of horrible monsters and wonderful mysteries. This is a beautifully written fable that doesn’t pull punches when it comes to depicting real world ugliness. The pain and heartache felt by the main character oozes off the page and will touch even the coldest of hearts. The art is altogether unique in its slightly caricaturistic yet realistic versions of real life characters. Writer/artist Jeremy Love is a true find and proof positive that true talent lies in DC’s Zuda online comics zone…(Read it in full at AintItCool)

Check out the comic at the link above. This one pubbed in paper just one week ago, and volume two will be coming shortly.


Glowing review for Bayou series premiere

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