Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam, conservative authors of Grand New Party, will appear tonight on Lou Dobbs in a debate-style segment on the future of the Republican party. I might actually watch it! (So long as it doesn’t conflict with So You Think You Can Dance.)

This is not normal for me. I don’t know much about the Republican party, or, I guess, politics in general, and I don’t normally watch CNN.

But I am familiar with Mr. Salam’s YouTube channel, on which he likes to sing spontaneously composed ballads, recreate movie scenes, and dance, all while seemingly strung out on caffeine in his office. He seems to be a hard-working man, with a book out, a weekly column in Forbes, and various writing in several other publications. I’m glad he can find time to act a fool. Though he probably won’t sing on Lou Dobbs. Here’s a couple favorites:

[youtube XVsb7xIhIYE] [youtube -ReqK1-asaM]


Reihan's my favorite Republican

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