Yes, after a hiatus, this little feature is back! This time, we kept our trophy close to home. This month, we’ll be awarding our greatest prize to our own Jen Childs’s cat, Gunther!

Gunther (named for the Swedish musician/club owner/model Mats “Gunther” Söderlund) has had quite a life, starting out as a young, curious, troublemaking rogue here in NYC and eventually moving out to Connecticut, where he first developed his taste for fried chicken and millipedes. The living is fine in the suburbs, I hear. The rodents are smaller than he is.

Over the past few years, he’s really settled down. He’s been able to relax in luxury and strip his life of its complications (like staying awake). Occasionally, he’ll get outside and walk on his leash for a little bit, or maybe go for a drive, but he mostly just eats and naps these days.

That is, he naps when he’s not hiding from Jen’s rough-and-tumble two-year-old, who charges around the house in his undershorts calling him “Ga-Ga” and occasionally flinging foam-core ballistics.

It’s a right-of-passage, in a way, for a cat: the tolerance of the toddler. Gunther, no doubt, will emerge a stronger person. Cat. I mean cat.

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  • now that’s one handsome cat!

  • So glad Gunthie is finally getting the attention he deserves. In my book, he is Pet of the Year.

  • Gunther is a fine fellow. I have had the pleasure of hosting him for a week back when he was a city cat. It looks like the suburban life suits him well.

  • OMG he is so beautiful. What breed is he? He looks like a Maine Coon/Forest Cat/Siberian. Gorgeous!

  • Thank you! He is a Maine Coon mix that I rescued 13 years ago. He’s a supermodel.

  • He certainly is. I have a Siberian cat who looks a lot like Gunther. I love those big fluffy cold weather cats. Sooo pretty.

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