My book group met this weekend on the roof of a friend’s apartment building for an Italian themed picnic dinner to go along with our Italian themed book. Since the book wasn’t Random House (ahem) I will refrain from naming it, however, this weekend’s meeting did remind me that I’ve been wanting to share with you a great site for your book groups, library sponsored and otherwise.

The folks over at Reading Group Guides are wonderful and offer much more than the traditional numbered questions and topics. Check out just a few of the articles and other resources on some of my Random House Reading Group appropriate faves:

The 19th Wife’s David Ebershoff talks Character Inspiration.

Other Press author Dori Carter addresses money and satire and how they mix in her new short story collection, We Are Rich.  

Favorite author Lisa See explains how three book groups helped with her new novel, Shanghai Girls.

And that’s just the beginning. Check out this website for more tips and ideas, including those specifically for librarians!

Also, we would love to hear about what your book groups are reading. Feel free to comment and keep us posted. We also feature a monthly book group focused e-newsletter full of new titles, wonderful ideas for genre related themes, a featured book group guide, contests and more! E-mail us at if you are interested in receiving the e-newsletter.


great guided reading for your book groups!

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