Listening Library is holding an awesome contest right now for an 8GB iPod Touch and signed audiobooks. If you have a video camera and an interest in Libba Bray, Rick Riordan, or Tamora Pierce novels, this could be a lot of fun!

The premise of the contest is that if you could go on a “fantasy road trip” with a character (or characters) from one of the aforementioned authors’ books, who would it be and where would you go? What would you do along the way and how would you travel? They encourage you to be as creative as you like (sock puppets, original songs, costumes, etc.) while still including a mention of audiobooks, a reference to Florida, and a clip you can download from their site. Tricky huh?

For details, you’re going to need to visit their contest home page, where they house this great video of their ex-mascot explaining the rules. Boy, he’s bitter! Happy pretending!

[youtube qhio_26c4go]


New Contest: What's your Fantasy Road Trip?

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