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No, I don’t have one of these endlessly fascinating contraptions. But I know more and more people are getting them every day. They like to show off how they can hum a song into it and it’ll come up with the title or turn it into a level for hanging pictures. As a human, I feel less and less useful all the time.

But apparently, the iPhone doesn’t necessarily come with all this stuff. These fancy tricks are downloadable “apps” (short for applications) that one adds on after getting their phone. And there are 25,000 of them. That’s a lot to handle.

So Prima Games, not normally known for books that will go on trade shelves, has produced a handy guide, with screenshots and illustrations, to help iPhoners sort through the seemingly endless apps to find the best ones, and the ones best suited for them.

This one goes on sale September 8th.


Drop-In Alert: The iPhone Apps book

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