China Miéville’s new book The City & The City publishes this June and it is racking up rave reviews!  It recently received STARRED reviews in Kirkus, Booklist and Publishers Weekly and here are a few highlights. 

“…An excellent police procedural and a fascinating urban fantasy, this is essential reading for all mystery and fantasy fans.”  Booklist

“Better known for New Weird fantasies (Perdido Street Station, etc.), bestseller Miéville offers an outstanding take on police procedurals with this barely speculative novel…Miéville skillfully examines the illusions people embrace to preserve their preferred social realities.”  Publishers Weekly

“Grimy, gritty reality…”  Kirkus

I know there are tons of Miéville fans out there anxiously waiting to read it, and I just happen to have one last ARE of The City & The City on my bookshelf.  Leave a comment and just maybe I’ll pick you to send it off to…

3 stars for China!

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  • Well, I’m not a China fan, but only because I have never read any Miéville…I do like police procedurals…perhaps a ARE would convert me?

  • It’s yours! I’d love to hear your thoughts once you’ve read it.

  • I’ve already read an ARE of The City and The City and I thought it was fantastic. This was my first Mieville; my husband is a big fan of his earlier stuff and I was sure what I was going to think but I thought it was a very well-crafted page turner and exploration of an original concept. Great stuff! I hope Susan enjoys it!

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