Two long-awaited trailers appeared on the Internet this week. (At least I was waiting for them, since I’m responsible for keeping track of that sort of stuff.) The good news is that they both look interesting!

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about “Precious,” a film based on the 1997 novel PUSH by Sapphire, because it won both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at Sundance this year. (And because Mariah Carey is in it.) The trailer looks absolutely brutal, and according to my boss Marcia, the book is even more brutal.

[youtube rx-3jYJkUWQ]

And if “Precious” is brutal, “The Road” is bleak. I posted about the book/movie a few days ago, but here is the trailer. There’s more Charlize than I thought. which is probably a marketing ploy.

[youtube _U_sNIlB7ak]

You can always find more trailers at our Movie Tie In page! Happy viewing.


New movie trailers for The Road and Precious!

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