There’s been a lot of buzz around Arthur Phillips’ new novel, The Song is You. According to the recent USA Today review, there seems to be something for everyone. Fans of Phillips, author of The Egyptologist, Prague, and Angelica, will love the “gorgeously constructed prose for which all his books have been praised.”  “Musicphiles and pop-culture junkies” will revel in the IPod-ready play list dispersed within the pages of the book: everything from U2 to the Pet Shop Boys, The Cranberries to Miles Davis. The story revolves around a grieving protagonist who becomes obsessed with a young Irish rocker he meets by chance when she performs in a Brooklyn bar. With every shuffle of his mp3 playlist and every lyric she sings, he becomes more and more entangled.

I must say, I am intrigued and your patrons will be too (especially the text, cell, and electronic saavy). This post begs the question…

What song is you?

For me everything from the Beatles to a very 80’s Madonna (among others), Aretha Franklin to many in the current Top 40 come to mind. Hey, we all have our musical vices.



Praise for IPods and Prose in The Song is You

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