This could very well be my favorite day to work in publishing.  Knopf is publishing Andre Agassi’s memoir!  It’s been a long journey from the days when his posters decorated my teenaged bedroom, but my respect and admiration (with the tiniest of crushes, of course) for this sports icon never waivered.   Let the countdown to November begin!


Open: A Self-Portrait by Andre Agassi

A remarkable memoir by one of the world’s great athletes—an indispensable inside view of the world of tennis that transcends its subject to relate with stunning candor the amazing story of Andre Agassi’s life.

   On sale:  November 3, 2009 / First Printing: 750,000

   Hardcover • 416 pages  • ISBN: 9780307268198 • $27.95 ($34.00 CAN)

   Audio: 5 CDs •  Abridged •  CD •  ISBN: 9780739358566 •  $32.00 ($39.00 CAN)





Drop-in Alert! Andre Agassi pens a memoir

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  • I’ve been the biggest fan of Andre since he came on the scene with his long hair, tie dyed shirts and earring with a cross on it. He was only 14 and I could see that he was something special. You could see even then the man who would become such a thoughtful, giving person. While all my friends, (we’re in our 70’s now) said, “He needs to cut that hair!” or, “He dresses so sloppily!” “How could you like him?” Well, I guess I just saw beyond that. I don’t think I ever missed any of his matches. I’ve wrung my hands and cried when he lost a match, and jumped in the air in my living room when he won. Please, please keep me posted as to when this book becomes available.

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