Around this time last year, I read a book that changed the way I think.

How often can one say that? I know I don’t say it too often.

Jessica Queller’s memoir, Pretty is What Changes, is now available in paperback and I urge you to purchase it for your collections (if you haven’t already done so). It is a story of family, grief, and resilience. It is also an interesting glimpse into genetic legacy, society’s influence on self-image, and encourages the question “What would you do?” in a timely 21st-century way. Queller, who is a writer and producer for the infamous Gossip Girls series, discusses her choice to be tested for the BRCA (breast cancer gene) following the death of her mother (who had both breast and ovarian cancer) and the challenges she faced thereafter. I won’t lie, it is a tough read, and many I’ve recommended it to have been wary because of their own family history, but I believe it is a must read for every woman and every person who wonders how science can change their destiny.

Check out this USA Today article on Jessica and her journey (including an update).

This brings a question to mind. What was the last book you read that changed the way you think, changed your life even? Fiction, non-fiction, profound or silly — I’m curious to hear what it is!


Changing destiny in Pretty is What Changes…It changed the way I think!

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