Somehow, at 25, I’ve already fallen behind.

Yes, I know what Twitter is. I have an account. I guess that’s more than some people. But that’s about as far as I’ve gotten. I just found out a couple weeks ago how to make a TinyUrl. Then there’s all this other stuff about “scheduling tweets” and “” and all these other search functions that I don’t know how to use. Sigh.

BUT, if you are a librarian, and you are Twitter-savvy, you should check out the Random House Inc. Twitter. It has all the latest book news from across our imprints (much the same as we feature on this blog) and 2,318 followers (many more than we have on this blog, desafortunadamente). If we get 10 comments on this post, I will start a Random House Library Twitter….thing. Deal?

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What is this "Twitter"?

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  • I do not claim to be savvy, but I would follow a Random House Library Twitter.

  • I would totally follow you even though I’m the competition. 🙂

  • I am a librarian and already subscribe to your RSS feeds, but I would be willing to join Twitter and follow you if you started a Random House Library Twitter.

  • I’d follow!

  • Absolutely I’d follow.

  • in a heartbeat!!!!

  • Sure! It will be FUN!! 😀

    Don’t feel bad, I didn’t “get” Twitter either until very recently, and I’m not that much older than you.

  • of course i would follow!

  • I would absolutely follow a Random House Libeary Twitter!!

  • And so it was that the Random House Library group began to Twitter. And the learned world did follow. And information was shared in 140 characters or less. Sweetness.

  • […] Last week, I posted a little wager. If we got 10 comments on my Twitter post, I would start a Twitter account for Random House Library. Well, you did it! 10 comments. If you aren’t already, you should also be following our Random House Inc. Twitter, which features company-wide news items daily. […]

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