“You can tell a woman’s whole life story from the possessions in her jewelry box. Like reading a palm, you can trace the points where her life has intersected with memorable events, people, places, and loves. You can speculate on the essence of her personality, all from what she has accumulated in that box.”—from Perfectly Imperfect

Watch Lee Woodruff read an excerpt from “The Jewelry Box,” a story from her new book Perfectly Imperfect, that will surely resonate with all women.

It made me remember my wedding necklace that I’ve kept in a black velvet bag, having not touched it in the 5 years since I was married.  I pulled it out the other day and wore it again on just an ordinary day.  What good is a precious piece of jewelry if you never wear it?  Do you have a special piece of jewelry?  We’d love to hear your story.  We’ll be giving away 5 free copies of Perfectly Imperfect, selected from the responses we get before April 15th. 

Perfectly Imperfect goes on sale April 21st. Visit Lee Woodruff’s author website to learn more!

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  • I have all of my grandmother’s vintage costume jewelry. It’s not worth anything but I played dress-up with it as a child and it means the world to me.

  • My engagement ring. Didn’t know when I picked it out that emeralds were a bit more prone to scratches and chips, so I try not to wear it around the house or in the garden. Of course, I need to lose that pesky “baby weight” before it’ll fit again anyway.

    For the less-expensive jewelry, I’ve got a souvenir necklace from the Spanish Riding School’s last North American tour – I love horses, and was ecstatic when the SRS Lippizans were in the area.

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