Hi. My name is Marie, and I’m a “buzz book” addict.

It started with Cutting for Stone and now, unabashedly influenced by Jen’s post, I hereby declare my love for Carolyn Wall’s Sweeping Up Glass. If you are at all a To Kill a Mockingbird fan, read this. If you found Fannie Flagg’s Fried Green Tomatoes charming, read this. If Bastard Out of Carolina is one of your favorites, read this. If you were as enamored as I was with God of Animals by newcomer Aryn Kyle, read this. If you’ve never read any of those books but have a hankering for great characters with names like Wing and Love Alice, the hauntingly clear setting of Pope County, Kentucky and a complex narrative full of family, legacy, and wolves… read this. This gem of a book is a surprising delight. You won’t be disappointed.


Is there an echo in here? Read Sweeping Up Glass!

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