As I was getting ready for work this morning, I caught the first half of a Good Morning America segment on Lynne Greenberg’s new memoir, The Body Broken. Some of us have been in Greenberg’s shoes… 30 to 50 million in fact. That’s the number of Americans who have suffered from chronic pain. Since my own personal experience with this issue has been on the more tolerable end of the spectrum, listening to Greenberg’s story I felt both empathetic and very lucky. Having suffered a broken neck she thought had healed during a car accident at age 19, Greenberg chronicles the physical agony she experienced years later when her pain suddenly began and her determination to put mind over matter and get her life back. With 30 to 50 million who can relate, chances are some of them are your patrons so pick up a copy of this memoir today.  

Watch the GMA video and read an excerpt of the book here.


Mind over matter in The Body Broken

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