With so many books being published by Random House, Inc., I’m always alert when I start to hear buzz around the office.  That tells me that we have something special on our hands.  Sweeping Up Glass is the most recent buzz-worthy title to pass my desk, so I wanted to make sure you have it on your radar.  Originally published in hardcover by a small publisher, we will be releasing it in a trade paperback edition this August.  The book is ideal for reading groups, so this is the perfect format.  Take a peek at the excerpt to get an early preview. 

Critics have said SWEEPING UP GLASS is “filled with arresting images, bitter humor, and characters with palpable physical presence. . . . [The] narrator reminded me of Scout in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. I literally could not put it down.”—The Boston Globe

“I just finished this last night – what a wonderful story! I was thrilled to be on the journey with Olivia through her life – I kept thinking what a great book club title this would be, as there is so much to talk about – identity, honor, family legacies – and there are so many moments in the book that take your breath away. “- Annette Trial O’Neil (Random House rep)

“Just finished this novel and LOVE it. I’ll do whatever I can to promote it…”– Lisa McCormack (Random House rep)

“I finished SWEEPING UP GLASS over the weekend and had to tell you how much I love this book!!! What a powerful story! I loved the strong characters – which were also a bit funny at times, combined with passages that were sometimes painful to read, but you get such a big reward with this one! It felt so original and real… “-Pam Brown (Random House rep)

I’m sold.  I’m taking my copy home today…


Buzz Worthy: Sweeping Up Glass

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