Like so many other national tragedies, most of us will remember where we were when we learned about the deadly shootings on the campus of Virginia Tech University almost two years ago. Available 3/31 from Crown books, No Right to Remain Silent is an inside story of one woman’s experience. Lucinda Roy, who is the former chair of the university’s English department, watched the story unfold on TV from her home when she made a startling discovery: the gunman was a student she had previously tried to help. Interviewed shortly after the tragedy occurred, Roy told the Today Show’s Matt Lauer how she tried to coax him into counseling and brought her concerns to the university’s attention. Her new book is a warning for students, parents and people everywhere.

Watch Lucinda Roy on the Today show here.

Read Lucinda Roy’s New York Times Op-Ed piece here.

It is also worth mentioning that Ms. Roy is using proceeds from this book to help families in Sierra Leone.


Virginia Tech teacher speaks out in No Right to Remain Silent

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