I'm sitting and I look cute. Please let me in. Please, please, please!

Congratulations to this month’s Pet of the Month winner, Casper.

Feeling it was time for a little canine representation, this pure-bred Weimaraner took a little time out of his busy rear-sniffing schedule (oh yes, he does go there) to grace the blog with his energetic presence. This ten-year-old could give Marley a run for his money. In his life he has consumed a flip-flop shoe, several rocks, the legs and arms of a set of patio furniture, and a pumpkin. He has also exhumed a pet rabbit buried in the backyard and been doused from tail to toe by tomato juice after a particularly interesting run in with a baby skunk. Fun for dog and owners alike! Despite his penchant for destruction and a slightly co-dependent disposition, Casper is a beloved family pet who loves being taken on long walks (or, more accurately, taking his owners for a walk), running in open spaces, ice cubes, showing off his tricks, and generally being one of the pack…err family. He represents Random House Library from his backyard home in sunny Southern California.

Random House Employee Pet of the Month!

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