There’s been a veritable storm of news media these past few days surrounding Bill Cohan’s new book on Wall Street hubris, House of Cards.

It started spinning last week with multiple serials (Fortune on 3/3, WSJ/Deal Blog on 3/4 and The Daily Beast on 3/6). Then the first reviews (almost unanimous raves) landed last Friday in Bloomberg, BusinessWeek, LA Times, and The Economistand the author did a live spot on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” on the same day.

On Monday, Cohan began the television circuit with additional interviews on CNN American Morning and MSNBC’s Morning Joe and yesterday’s New York Times review couldn’t have been better if we’d written it ourselves. Next up:

And still coming:

  • Newsweek Q&A (3/16)
  • C-SPAN/Afterwords (3/17)
  • Reuters TV (3/17)
  • ABC Radio Network/Money Talk (3/21)
  • Washington Post review (3/22)
  • USA Today
  • Boston Globe
  • and much more…

Cuckoo for Cohan

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