We’ve mentioned Watchmen plenty of times on this blog, dating all the way back to when the preview first appeared on Youtube and blew my shoes off.

Finally, this morning, I saw it at a screening. I don’t know if I can legally say anything about it, opinion-wise, but I can tell you that I was right about what other people’s reactions were going to be. I’d predicted a canyon-like split: Love it, or be immensely disappointed by it. Critics have had just that, reviews ranging from the New Yorker‘s caustic vituperation to the Post‘s fervent panegyric. (Thank you, thesaurus.com.) Without fail, though, every review compares it with its book: Did it live up to the book? How faithful was it to the book? Will this have the same long life as the book? (Which, of course, is what we like to hear.)

Be sure to have this one stocked! There are people looking for last-minute copies before they see the movie. Believe me; I’ve been asked. But I’m no librarian.


I Watched the Watchmen

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