I came across this great URL on Facebook last night for librarygamingtoolkit.org. (I guess it pays to be Facebook friends with Reforma librarians!) This website is HUGE. It provides tips, resources, and ideas for librarians looking to provide an environment for gaming in their libraries–everything from “Survey library users to determine their gaming preferences and their wishlist of services” to “Offer socks.” Here’s their eye-opening introductory text:

In 2007, over 404 libraries responded to a national library gaming gaming census, reporting on 218 programs. On November 15 2008, 597 libraries reported on serving 14,184 gamers on National Gaming Day. Gaming services epitomize library as third place, creating a community gathering spot between home and work/school. That third place encourages play, socialization, and cultural enrichment. Libraries looking for ways to reach beyond their traditional patron base are turning to gaming.

Board games, card games, and videogames are, in essence, information, and the human act of telling stories, presented in new formats that involve the player. Games may fulfill a library’s mission to provide cultural, recreational, and entertaining materials; to provide adacemic curriculum support; or to provide resources and support their industry or profession.

[youtube Q1NHI-Z9j4g]

This may be old news to some, but gaming can nourish the neurons too, as detrimental as it can be for a person’s orthography: First person to email me (library@randomhouse.com) the etymology of “pwned” gets a copy of Prima GamesFallout 3 Collector’s Edition Game Guide.

Also, for more ideas and information on D&D, visit the Wizards of the Coast website.  


Library Gaming Toolkit!

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  • Congratulations to Sherry from California, winner of the Fallout 3 game guide!

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