Congratulations to this month’s winner, Erik Riesenberg’s cat, Violet Amber Applewhite. Violet is a Maine Coon with a “verve for life” who’s approximately the size of Maine and acts “like an exiled Russian princess.” In the spring she loves waterskiing on Lake Placid, but until then, she’s happy inside watching recorded episodes of American Idol. (She still hasn’t gotten over D. Archuleta losing to D. Wood.) If she had to go out in the snow, she could, however. The owner notes that she’s “built for snow…like a 4WD raccoon.”  

Other than that, she enjoys reading “classic Russian authors” and is looking for an old man with money–ideally a former Czar. 2-year plan: take over New Jersey. 5-year plan: take over world. She would like to give a shout-out to step-brother, Bailey, too ugly to be pictured here.

"PLEASE don't tell me you overcooked the salmon."
"PLEASE don't tell me you overcooked the salmon."

Random House Employee Pet of the Month!

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