Photo from Huffington Post
Photo from Huffington Post

This news article from AOL was just forwarded to me this afternoon. Apparently, the California State University library at Fresno is waiving all fees for Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger for a book left behind in the cargo hold of the plane that went down recently in the Hudson River. And not only are they waiving his fees, they’re DEDICATING the replacement copy to him.

I can’t believe it. Just because he saved hundreds of lives? Could he not have gone back into the cargo hold and gotten his book? Did he not have enough time? According to the news reports, he was the last one off the plane. What was he doing the whole time? Some people…

How come MY outlandish excuses never work? They won’t buy “leprechaun theft” but they will buy “submerged aircraft cargo”? What injustice. The kicker is: the book’s subject was, according to AOL, “professional ethics.” Maybe the librarians at UC should read the chapter on double standards!


They let him get away with it. Outrageous.

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