On the heels of the latest issue of our Random Revelations newsletter, I feel I must strongly echo Dave in praise and promotion of Abraham Verghese’s new novel, CUTTING FOR STONE, out in February from Knopf.

Think Grey’s Anatomy meets the Kite Runner…at least those are the loose comparisons I draw. There really is no way to describe this wonderful novel so I’ll give you the basics and let you discover the rest for yourself: a set of twins, borne out of a forbidden union, grow up at a mission hospital in Ethiopa where they navigate childhood, medicine, and their country’s political change. Certainly epic in story and size (500+ pages, but it is worth it!), Cutting for Stone is one for the “all-time favorite” bookshelf.

Also, the author will be in attendance at ALA-Midwinter. If you have the conference on your itinerary, make sure to keep this is mind. He will be  speaking at the author’s breakfast on Sunday, January 25 with a booth signing immediately following.


Read Cutting for Stone!

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