Celebrate the birthday of Charles Schulz, creator of Charlie Brown at your library on November 26th!  A great display opportunity and plenty of inspiration for fun and games with your patrons.


And remember to check your local listings for A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING on ABC. (Although my personal favorite has always been IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN.)

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite Charlie Brown tv special for your chance to win a free copy of PEANUTS ALL-STARS!


A PEANUTS Birthday Celebration!

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  • My son (age 5) and I watch all the Charlie Brown specials together. Right now, he says his favorite is Great Pumpkin because the boy (Linus?) rolls the pumpkin all the way home.

  • My favorite Peanuts special has to be A Charlie Brown Christmas. The music, Linus’ recitation, the sad-looking Christmas tree – it’s perfect. I watch it while I wrap gifts every year.

    My little boy (age 2) is also a big Peanuts fan. Right now we watch a Peanuts DVD at least once a day – usually The Great Pumpkin, I Want a Dog for Christmas, or It’s Christmastime Again. He can recite parts of the dialogue from memory by now. I never thought I’d get tired of the Charlie Brown Christmas, but watching it every day for six weeks has gotten me pretty close.

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