One of the biggest “surprises” in the publishing industry recently has been the success of a book called Stuff White People Like, based on the eponymous blog covering the eponymous subject. However, its success came as no surprise to me, because, being a young Brooklynite, I’d heard so much about this blog before, and also because two friends had asked me to try to get them a copy before it even went on sale.

This, however, hasn’t been the first book based on a blog. There has been quite the influx of them in the past few years. Parisian cookbook Chocolate & Zucchini published in May 2007 by Broadway comes from Bar Mizvah Disco came from the hilarious Yeah Dave’s Guide to Living in the Moment came from (That’s not this Dave, by the way. I can barely touch my shoelaces.) “Mommy Confidential” came from Et cetera.

So, yes, it happens. Is your blog going to get picked up? Maybe! Is this blog going to become a book? OF COURSE IT IS.

Just kidding. But be sure to have as many of these as you can in your collections to draw in the young and Web savvy.


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