This past Sunday’s NY Times Book Review featured two great reviews of Random House Inc. books, Blue Genes and Hurry Down Sunshine, both memoirs of mental illness with very different angles.

Hurry Down Sunshine you may already know about, from its starred reviews in Booklist and Library Journal, or from our two staff picks in two different Random Revelations newsletters, or from our list presentations at the library conferences we’ve been to or from RH booth ARC giveaways, or from the two previous blog entries about it, or from the excerpt in “O” Magazine, or from the author signing at ALA, etc. But anyway, we wanted to let you know that the Times loved it too!

Blue Genes is another great memoir about a family’s battles with depression and suicide written by the brother of the late award-winning journalist J. Anthony Lukas, who committed suicide in 1997. A book trailer below:

[youtube fXGDCA6P-aE]


NYT Loves Mental Illness Memoirs

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