I must get my circuts checked. Yesterday, I found a Three Rivers Press ARC of something called I SAW YOU in my boss’s book cart. I don’t know how I hadn’t heard of it yet-something that combines two of my favorite modern-day phenomena: graphic art and Missed Connections.

If you’re unaware of Missed Connections, you should visit Craigslist.com immediately and click on the link for it. Missed Connections is a place online where people can post little love notes (or maybe “would-be-love” notes) about how they saw someone they were romantically interested in around town and neglected to say something. The posts can range from cute to creepy to wildly inappropriate, but, either way, they’re often very entertaining.

A typical example from today in New York City: “Sunday night…around 10ish. You were rocking a white hat and some killer sneaks. You kept looking at me, and made the same transfer from the southbound NQRW to the L train at 14th. You were standing next to me on the platform. You kept looking at me… you’re cute. Why didn’t you say something?…”

These are entertaining enough by themselves, but Editor Julia Wertz has collaborated with a ton of stars of the graphic art world to produce a whole book of comics inspired by real Missed Connections. I flipped through it for an hour yesterday, and now all my friends have been asking for it. It reminds me of a former staff pick of mine called Postcards. Be sure to reserve copies for your 20-something patrons! This one publishes in February.


Radar Malfunction: I SAW YOU

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  • Hey, I’m (supposedly) one of the contributors in this! Any chance you know the full list of people in it? Also: glad you enjoyed it!

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