One of the most fascinating books I’ve read this year is David Ebershoff’s The 19th Wife, the fictionalized account of the life of Ann Eliza Young, Brigham Young’s 19th Wife, told alongside a modern-day murder mystery set in a polygamist community in Utah.  This timely book is perfect fodder for Reading Groups (get the guide here) and leaves the reader wondering how much of the novel is fiction and how much is fact.  For a start you can check out the official 19th Wife website where you’ll find info about Ann Eliza, a PDF of her memoir, and even some of the original newspaper articles from the story.  But if that is not enough to answer all your questions, you can do what I did: ask him yourself!  David Ebershoff is available for call ins and group discussions of his work. Please contact him in advance to arrange an appointment.  He’s also a member of LibraryThing, be sure to ask him to be your friend!  Seriously, how cute is that photo of him with his dog?

Fact and Fiction in The 19th Wife

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