Now available! This truly heartbreaking story is a tough read but a definite must. Check out the synopsis below as well as the YouTube video for this brave woman’s story.

Born in a village deep in the Cambodian forest, Somaly Mam was sold into sexual slavery by her grandfather when she was twelve years old. For the next decade she was shuttled through the brothels that make up the sprawling sex trade of Southeast Asia. The Road of Lost Innocence recounts the experiences of her early life and tells the story of her awakening as an activist and her harrowing and brave fight against the powerful and corrupt forces that steal the lives of these girls. She has orchestrated raids on brothels and rescued sex workers, some as young as five and six; she has built shelters, started schools, and founded an organization that has so far saved more than four thousand women and children in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos. A portion of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the Somaly Mam Foundation. To learn more about how you can help fight human trafficking, visit the foundation’s website:

[youtube vyIpOCeYSIw]


The Road of Lost Innocence

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