You have reached the nascent blog of the Random House Library Marketing Department! (We’re those people you see running around at all the library conferences.) Actually, maybe “nascent” isn’t the right word. I feel as though we’ve reached the “Toddler” stage. You think? Be honest.

On this blog, you will find all kinds of library-pertinent Random House Inc. news, books we’re reading and enjoying, big announcements, publicity snippets that might affect demand, and occasionally (sorry) some innocuous tidbits or (yay!) a fun thing.

What else would you like to see on here? More pictures of Jen’s two-year-old? Tell us! Feel free–even compelled–to leave a suggestion for us in the comment field below. Don’t forget: we’re here to serve you. Many thanks to Unshelved!


Welcome Unshelved Readers!

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  • do you have an rss feed? without it, i will not remember to check and do not need another email coming to me.

  • Thanks! RSS is now on the sidebar.

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