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Batman … Behind the Scenes

The Dark Knight (PG-13), the latest live-action film about the conflicted comic book character, opened in July to critical acclaim and record-breaking commercial success. Teens who want to delve more deeply in the movie’s essence will be captivated by Craig Byrne’s The Dark Knight from Universe Publishing. The first section of this handsome hardcover is packed with production artwork—film photos, storyboards, digitalized imagery, character sketches, and more—and descriptive text that reveals the inspirations behind the designs. Quotes from the film’s creators allow readers to see how production details and concepts contribute to the visual evolution of the Batman character. Also included is Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan’s full shooting script, supplemented throughout with inset film stills, storyboards, and an occasional full-page photo.

The same crowd might be interested in exploring Speed Racer: The Art of Speed Racer, also published by Universe, which focuses on the live-action film released in May. Crisp reproductions of candy-colored movie stills, storyboards, and concept art, as well as the Wachowski brothers’ screenplay, provide an interesting glimpse at a movie that fuses the look of retro Japanese anima with cutting-edge film-making technology.


Batman…Behind the Scenes

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